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Why You Might Not Want to Take Business Advice from Twitter

July 20, 2011

This article is re-posted via:  Carol Roth

Well intentioned folks like to put forth inspirational quotes and sayings on Twitter, sometimes masquerading as business advice.  Here is one that I came across because it was re-tweeted several times by folks that I know:

Be grateful for every sale. Rather than focus on what’s not working in your business, be grateful and celebrate what is.

While I like the spirit of this, I think there is the possibility for some misguided business advice.  Here’s how I would tweak it (albeit it’s not in 140 characters…)

Be grateful for every customerThe focus should be on the importance of the customers, not the sale.  If you treat those who purchase from you well and make them feel important, that engenders loyalty and long-term business for you.

Do focus on what’s not working in your business: You know Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  If something isn’t working, then change it,especially if that something is costing you money (or a significant opportunity cost).  You can draw inspiration from what is working, but don’t put your head in the sand about what isn’t.

Celebrate the victories, but not for too long: It is important to take a moment to reflect on good work.  But if you spend too much time throwing yourself a ticker-tape parade, you will be at a disadvantage.  Success in business requires consistency of execution, as well as quick adaptation as the competitive landscape changes.  Reward yourself for, but don’t over-indulge yourself in, the success.

It’s quite difficult to get across sound advice in 140 characters, so be a little wary of what is being touted as business advice on Twitter.

Carol Roth is a business strategist, deal maker and author of the New York Times bestselling book,The Entrepreneur Equation. She has helped her clients, ranging from solopreneurs to multinational corporations, raise more than $1 billion in capital, completemore than $750 million worth of M&A transactions, secure high-profile licensing and partnership deals and create million dollar brand loyalty programs.

Carol is a frequent radio, television and print media contributor on the topics of business and entrepreneurship, appearing regularly on Fox News, MSNBC, Fox Business, WGNTV Chicago and more. Additionally, Carol’s Unsolicited Business Advice blog at was recently named as one of the Top 10 small business blogs online and she is a contributing blogger tooutlets like The Huffington Post and Crain’s Chicago Business/Enterprise City

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