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Social Media, and the rule of thirds

June 23, 2011

Cision, Rule of Thirds, Social MediaInformative post about applying the rule of thirds to social media.Social Media, and the rule of thirds

After having the opportunity to listen to a great Cision webinar last week, I learned a little something called The Rule of Thirds. This great little tip is as easy to remember as it is to apply.


Simply stated, one-third of all social media content should be promotional, one-third should be sharing orientated and one-third should be social.

1/3- Our work, clients, our genius: “Check out our client in …”

1/3- Share the love (and the smarts): “Check out this article we found in …”

1/3- Our lives –get to know us: “I had breakfast next to …”

As with everything else in life, it’s best to find a balance. By giving followers and friends a chance to know you, your company and your vision, you’ll be offering your community everything they need to stay updated, informed and interested.

What’s the most personal thing you’ve posted on Twitter/FB to your business audience?

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